New in Stories

  • The Visitation: Mary meets Elizabeth
    Christmas is coming! But what did Mary do in those 9 moths before giving birth to Jesus? She met and stayed for 3 months with Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. Two Holy Mothers had their “Visitation”! Telling this story in art; enjoy!
  • Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
    “The Hippest Museum In Town…“ The Hammer Museum is an art museum and cultural centre in Los Angeles, known for its artist-centric and progressive array of exhibitions and public programs. Founded in 1990 by the entrepreneur-industrialist Armand Hammer, the museum … Continue reading Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
  • The Four Church Fathers
    How to recognise “Church Fathers” in art? They all have their fairytale legends and that helps! Read about beehives and honey, spooning the ocean empty, and how to befriend a lion!
  • Icarus
    Icarus, flying high before the fall! A perfect example of “hubris”, being over confident and too ambitious. It comes with a risk. Read the story about Icarus and flying to the sun!
  • Europa
    Europe! Where is the name coming from? Princess Europa got abducted by a bullyish Zeus (yes, indeed, disguised as a bull!) and became the founding mother of the European continent! Confused? You won’t be after this episode of Europa in Art! Enjoy.
  • Ganymedes
    Pride month! Let’s look at Ganymedes, a most beautiful hero from Greek mythology and a major symbol of homosexual love in the visual and literal arts.
  • Saint Lazarus
    “The Walking Dead” Today July 29 is the official celebration day of two sisters and a brother: Martha, Mary and Lazarus. They are from Bethany, a city on the West Bank close to Jerusalem. And it’s the place where Lazarus … Continue reading Saint Lazarus
  • Saint Christopher and Atlas
    “The World On Your Shoulders” Today July 25 is the day of Saint Christopher, since the dark Middle Ages the patron saint of travellers and nowadays also the protector of motorists. He is a popular saint, but there is no … Continue reading Saint Christopher and Atlas
  • The Olympian Gods
    This is a 101 crash course in Greek and Roman gods. In ancient Greek mythology, twelve Olympian gods and goddesses ruled over the affairs of mankind from their palace on Mount Olympus. Besides this canon of major deities, many other … Continue reading The Olympian Gods
  • Saint Joseph
    “Carpenter from Nazareth” Today March 19th is the day dedicated to Saint Joseph. Who is he? Joseph is one of the three members of the Holy Family, together with the Virgin Mary and her child Jesus. He is a carpenter from Nazareth and a widower, who married … Continue reading Saint Joseph

New in Shop

Danube; four Capitals

Original antique engravings with views of the Danube and the capitals of four countries along the river. From “The Danube, its History, Scenery, and Topography” by William Beattie, London, 1844. Splendidly illustrated from sketches taken on the spot drawn by W.H. Bartlett; and engraved by J. Cousen, J.C. Bentley, R. Brandard and other eminent artists. … Continue reading Danube; four Capitals

Count of Hoorne

Original antique engraving with the portrait of Philip de Montmorency (1524 – 1568) also known as Count of Hoorne. He was a famous victim of the Inquisition in the Spanish Netherlands. His name and title on the object are: “Filips van Mommeranci, Graaf van Hoorne.” Around his neck he is wearing the symbol of the Order … Continue reading Count of Hoorne