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Danube; four Capitals

Original antique engravings with views of the Danube and the capitals of four countries along the river. From “The Danube, its History, Scenery, and Topography” by William Beattie, London, 1844. Splendidly illustrated from sketches taken on the spot drawn by W.H. Bartlett; and engraved by J. Cousen, J.C. Bentley, R. Brandard and other eminent artists. … Continue reading Danube; four Capitals

Count of Hoorne

Original antique engraving with the portrait of Philip de Montmorency (1524 – 1568) also known as Count of Hoorne. He was a famous victim of the Inquisition in the Spanish Netherlands. His name and title on the object are: “Filips van Mommeranci, Graaf van Hoorne.” Around his neck he is wearing the symbol of the Order … Continue reading Count of Hoorne