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Count of Hoorne

Count of Hoorne

Original antique engraving with the portrait of Philip de Montmorency (1524 – 1568) also known as Count of Hoorne. He was a famous victim of the Inquisition in the Spanish Netherlands. His name and title on the object are: “Filips van Mommeranci, Graaf van Hoorne.” Around his neck he is wearing the symbol of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

Together with the Prince of Orange and Count of Egmont, he opposed the imposition of the Inquisition by Philips II, the Spanish King. Egmont and Hoorne were executed by decapitation on 5 June 1568 at the Grand Place in Brussels. Together they are hailed as the first leaders of the Dutch Revolt against Philips II and the Spanish invasion of The Netherlands.

Print made by Jacob Houbraken (1698 – 1780), a Dutch engraver from Amsterdam. His oeuvre consists of more than 400 portrait engravings of the celebrities of those days and these portraits are often the only likenesses left of these people.

  • Size: sheet 23x15cm, image 17x11cm
  • Age and Type: 1708 – 1780, engraving
  • production details on image: ‘J. Houbraken Sculpsit.’
  • Verso: Nothing printed on the reverse side, which is plain
  • Condition: very good; suitable for framing
  • Price: 30 Euro
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