Jacob van Hulsdonck (1582 – 1647)

Jacob van Hulsdonck (1582 – 1647), “Roses in a Glass Vase” (c. 1640), Oil on Copper on Panel, 35x28cm, Mauritshuis, The Hague.

Jacob van Hulsdonck, born April 26, 1582, Flemish painter of still-lives and flowers. Here are his Roses in a Glass Vase. It’s white and red roses, plus an eglantine-rose (Dutch: “egelantier”) in the top left of the picture. Executed with great precision throughout, from the water droplets on the petals to the maybeetle in the foreground to the right. There is also symbolism in this painting. White and red roses are representing female “pure” and male “erotic” love; here arranged in harmony. The eglantine-rose, as symbol of scared and profane love, makes this painting a “Bouquet d’Amour”.